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Work-related Internet use

Summary posted to the BUSLIB-L listserv by Brenda Darrah on 1/24/2002

Thank you to those who helped so much with my question about comparative statistics that show how much people are using the Internet for work-related research over the last 2 or 3 years. Below is a summary of replies:

You may have already looked here, but have you consulted NUA Internet surveys They generally break down how many are online in what countries & what people are doing on the net. Some of their stats may be relevant to your query. See especially the reports, charts, & graphs under the "How many online" section.

You might want to look at the following for more Internet statistics:

Ran accross a media study by Online Publishers Assoc. that discusses at-work users from a media context. See the presentation at:

I think at-work behavior data will be harder to find because historically the consumer has been a priority for tracking through consumer panels:

Media Metrix did a demographics study but I think it was only consumer. They did add "at-work" to their site tracking but the universe was far lower than at-home tracking. I'm not aware if they've updated this in the last couple of years and especially not as they become acquired by AC Nielsen.

Forrester's online behavior study was also only on consumers. Intelliquest was also only consumer I think.

IDC did a user study in 1998 (The Global Market Forecast for Internet Usage and Commerce;by Carol Glasheen, Gary Byrne, John Gantz, Report #w16569 - July 1998) that included a table: "Worldwide Internet and Web Use by User Segment and Geographic Region, 1995-2002*" I assume user segments include business, since the table of contents includes:

28. Hours per Month -- Small Business Users
29. Hours per Month -- Medium-Sized/Large Business Users
30. Hours per Month -- Government Users
31. Hours per Month -- Education Users
32. Hours per Month -- Total Users

You might check their index on web site to see if they have more recent studies or contact them however I doubt they'd drill down to usage segments (research) within business segments.

You might try some others who have done usage studies and see if they have anything or, if not, could recommend another source. They include: Angus Reid ("Face of the Web"), McKenzie, ActivMedia Research, and CyberDialog.