Montague Institute Review

The Montague Institute Review is a quarterly Web journal consisting of original articles on a wide range of information management topics.

The full text of all articles in the Review is available to members of the Society of Knowledge Base Publishers. Navigation tools include a full text search engine and an A - Z index on the Web. Unlike print magazines, the index is continually updated, not published as an annual supplement. All articles have numerous links to related material, both on the Montague Institute site and elsewhere. Many articles originated as member inquiries and include excerpts from member responses and interviews.


Navigation tools
There are two ways to search the Montague Institute Review:

  • Keyword search -- Includes full text search, browse by topic, search within topic, and "Best Bets" (articles selected as especially relevant to a topic by our editors)
  • A - Z Index -- Traditional back-of-the-book style index with cross references. Includes lists by subject, year of publication, organization, and people

Guest authors
We welcome guest authors, especially those who can contribute case histories based on their own experience. See the editorial focus for more information.

Uses that do not require permission include:

  • Printing a Web page or article for personal use;
  • Linking to a Web page;
  • Short quotes with attribution (i.e. you list the Montague Institute AND our Web site as the source).

Uses that require permission include:

  • Distribution to a group, such as a classroom of students, workshop participants, or conference attendees;
  • Reprinting of extensive quotes, complete articles, or reproductions of drawings in any format for any purpose.

To obtain permission, call the publisher at (423) 968-5584.

Created on October 27, 1997 l Updated on January 3, 2014