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e-Business Resources

Posted by Margaret May, EPRI Library, on September 12, 2000.

Favorite Consumer/Trade Publications
Favorite Academic/Scholarly Publications
Selected Reading List
Favorite Web Resources

**Favorite Consumer / Trade Publications**

Business 2.0

Business Week

"Your guide to technologies driving e-business."

"Building the .com enterprise."

Fast Company


The Industry Standard
"The News Magazine of the Internet Economy."

Information Strategy: The Executive's Journal is "written especially for senior executives who want to make more effective use of an organization's most crucial resource-information. Information Strategy assists corporate management in making more informed policy decisions and more effective long-range plans regarding information resources."

Internet World
"The Voice of E-Business and Internet Technology."

The Red Herring "The Business of Technology."

Supply Chain Management Review


**Favorite Academic / Scholarly Publications**

Electronic Markets
"EM was the first journal to report on developments and the latest trends related to the exciting and rapidly evolving research field of electronic commerce."

International Journal of Agile Management Systems
"Tracks advances in the development and application of systems that help organizations become more flexible, responsive and efficient."

International Journal of Electronic Commerce
" Refereed quarterly devoted to advancing the understanding and practice of electronic commerce."

International Journal of Project Management

Journal of Interactive Marketing

Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce Quarterly. It "intends to be the leading academic journal in the field of electronic commerce."

Journal of the Association of Information Systems
"The mission of the Journal of AIS is to promote the production and widespread dissemination of new knowledge concerning the field of Information Systems in all its variety."

**Selected Reading List**

Barua, Anitesh, Jon, Pinnell, Jay Shutter, and Andrew B. Whinston. Measuring the Internet Economy: An Exploratory Study. Austin (Texas): Center for Research in Electronic Commerce, Graduate School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin: 1999.

E-Commerce - On the Battlefield, A Special Report to Wall Street Journal (July 17, 2000).

Rosenberg, Larry J. and Elizabeth C. Hirschman. "Retailing Without Stores : Will Telecommunications and Related Technologies Transform Shopping?" HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW. 58 (July-August 1980): 103-112.

Henry, David, The Emerging Digital Economy II. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Commerce, June 1999.

Malhotra, Yogesh. "Knowledge management for e-business performance: advancing information strategy to 'internet time.'" INFORMATION STRATEGY : THE EXECUTIVE'S JOURNAL. 16, no. 4 (Summer 2000): 5-16.

Tehan, Rita. Internet and E-Commerce Statistics: What They Mean and Where to Find Them on the Web. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Research Service, Information Research Division, February 17, 2000. Document No. RL30435.

**Favorite Web Resources**

AIIM (The Association for Information and Image Management)

Center for Research in Electronic Commerce, UT Austin

E-conomy Project, University of California

Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Stanford University - Graduate School of Business, Center for Electronic Business and Commerce


eMarketer, Inc.


Ecommerce Times

Planet IT The BizTech Network

NewsLinx, a comprehensive internet news source.




Research Bank Web from The Investext Group/Thomson Financial Securities Data

Research Buzz!

Edited on September 23, 2005