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Montague Institute Review

Montague Institute Review


The Montague Institute Review is a monthly Web journal consisting of:

  • original articles on a wide range of information management topics;
  • a digest of articles from other publications;
  • book and software reviews;
  • selected postings and summaries from Internet discussion groups.

The full text of all articles from 1992 to the present is available to members of the Society of Knowledge Base Publishers. Navigation tools include a full text search engine and an A - Z index on the Web. Unlike print magazines, the index is continually updated, not published as an annual supplement. All articles have numerous links to related material, both on the Montague Institute site and elsewhere on the Web. Many articles originated as member inquiries and include excerpts from member responses and interviews (see Member Q&A on the next page).

Contributed articles are welcome, both from members and others.

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