About us


Montague Information Technology LLC

Montague Information Technology (MontagueInfoTech) provides knowledge base publishing systems development and integration services to members of the Society of Knowledge Base Publishers and clients of the Montague Institute.

MontagueInfoTech developed the software for the Montague Institute's A - Z index and its Knowledge Base Publishing course series. Course participants use the software as a laboratory to create prototype metadata repositories, thesauri, A - Z indexes, and other linguistic tools.

Montague Information Technology sponsors the Knowledge Base Editor's Digest, an annotated list of abstracts from trade and business publications in information technology, library science, journalism, business, and related disciplines. The Digest is updated monthly and includes a Point of View column with original commentary by Montague Institute Founder Jean Graef.

Services to members
MontagueIntoTech services to members include the following:

• custom Knowledge Base Publishing systems (see page 12)

• Knowledge Base Publishing integration with legacy programs, external information services, intranets, and search engines

• Knowledge domain analysis (needs assessment)

• Information and data modeling, custom metadata repositories

• Technology and product evaluation

• Ultraseek search engine customization and application integration

• Custom XML formats