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Knowledge Base Publishing design services

Knowledge Base Publishing Design Services help teams identify their needs, design a metadata architecture, and develop an application integration strategy. Services are tailored to the needs of each company and consist of the following elements:

  • Hands-on team orientation
  • Assisted fact-finding
  • Metadata architecture and implementation roadmap
  • Hands-on team orientation

Four to ten employees learn how to conduct a domain analysis by taking the Introduction to Knowledge Base Publishing and Domain Analysis courses as an interdisciplinary team. Under the guidance of an instructor, they use worksheets to gather information about a specific group of users, their work environment, and the resources they need to do their jobs.

Deliverable: a prototype knowledge base with a topic hierarchy, controlled vocabulary, and A - Z index.

Assisted fact-finding
Montague Institute staff will assist the team in gathering additional information needed for the implementation roadmap. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Technical environment (i.e. applications that will contribute and use metadata);
  • Business objectives, including knowledge base-related metrics;
  • Business process workflow models;
  • User characteristics;
  • Content characteristics, location, and ownership.

Deliverable: a detailed profile of the people, processes, and systems that will create and maintain or be impacted by the knowledge base. Includes suggested areas for cost savings and/or increased revenues.

Metadata architecture and roadmap
Description of the files and applications needed to support metadata creation, maintenance, and integration along with a recommended list and schedule of implementation tasks. This document can be used as a specification for the Institute's knowledge base publishing creation and integration services (see page 12).

Deliverable: metadata architecture and implementation roadmap.